Explore the perfect addition to your Advent calendar gift selection! 🎁 Introducing Bushmills Red Bush from the renowned Old Bushmills Distillery. 🥃 This latest addition to our expanding collection features a blend of triple-distilled single malt and Irish grain whiskey, marking the first new expression for the domestic market in nearly five years.

Immerse yourself in the distinct profile of Bushmills Red Bush, matured in first-fill Bourbon casks, promising an abundance of delightful vanilla and buttery notes. 🌟

Discover the approachability of this exceptional whiskey! #BushmillsRedBush #NewExpression #AdventCalendar 🎄✨

Discover a standout choice for your Advent calendar gift! 🎁 Presenting the Hyde 1860 Single Grain Burgundy Finish from Hyde Irish Whiskey in County Cork. 🥃 No.5 is a triple-distilled, Single-grain Irish whiskey meticulously crafted at a single distillery location using pure Corn/maize grain in a traditional “Coffey” Copper Column still.

Aged gracefully for a minimum of 6 years in flame-charred, first-fill, ex-bourbon casks sourced from Kentucky, USA, this exceptional whiskey undergoes a captivating ‘finishing’ touch for an additional six months in vintage BURGUNDY French red wine casks.

These Pinot Noir red wine casks hail from the prestigious BURGUNDY region in France, specifically from the Côte d’Or vineyards near Dijon. 🍷✨ Elevate your holiday season with the rich and nuanced flavours of Hyde 1860!



Advent calendar find alert! I just got my hands on the revamped classic, formerly Founder’s Reserve. It's a one-of-a-kind twist on traditional Irish whiskey—triple distilled, merging Single Malt and Single Pot Still in a heavenly union. Crafted by Bernard Walsh, this signature blend matures exclusively in American Oak Bourbon barrels.

What sets it apart? No shortcuts here—no cheaper grain whiskey in the mix. It stands shoulder to shoulder with some of the finest Irish single malts we've ever savoured!





We are unveiling an exceptional Advent calendar gem! 🌟 Today, we spotlight the Lakeview Single Estate Irish Whiskey from Wayward Spirits in Killarney, Co. Kerry. 🥃 This stunning Irish Single Malt marks a milestone as the first Pot Still whiskey crafted using estate barley. It's a blend of excellence, aged in premium casks - 3 months in ex-bourbon casks, 40 months in ex-premier cru casks, and a finishing touch for three months in ex-peated casks. 🌾🥃✨

Anticipate a journey into a smooth and intricate whiskey world with cherries dancing on the nose. At the same time, the palate is treated to a rich, honeyed essence complemented by subtle whispers of smoke. 🍒🍯💨 #AdventCalendar #WhiskeyGems #GiftOfFlavor 🎁🌲


 Discover my top Advent calendar recommendation today! 🎁🥃 This time, we're heading to Co. Donegal and spotlighting Sliabh Liag Distillery. 🌟 Introducing the Legendary Dark Silkie Irish Whiskey – a captivating blend of double-distilled and triple-distilled peated single malts, perfectly balanced with smooth grain whiskey. 🔥🥃

Immerse yourself in the smoky allure of this legendary whiskey as it takes you on a journey through the rich flavours of double-distilled malts and the distinctive character of triple-distilled peated malts. Adding soft-grain whiskey enhances the overall experience, creating a harmonious and unforgettable taste. 🌈✨

Make this holiday season extraordinary with Legendary Dark Silkie's bold and captivating notes – a true gem from Sliabh Liag Distillery!


 Check out my top pick for the Advent calendar gift idea! 🎁 Starting with the fantastic Royal Oak Distillery in Co. Carlow, I recommend The Busker Triple Cask Triple Smooth. 🥃 This extraordinary blend features high-quality Single Grain and a generous percentage of Single Malt and Single Pot Still. The whiskey boasts a beautiful yellow-gold colour and a rich body that's truly unmistakable. 🌟
As you embark on the tasting journey, the nose delights with tropical fruits and vanilla notes. The adventure continues with a symphony of malt, sweetness, and dark chocolate, while subtle hints of toffee fudge and cinnamon add an extra layer of intensity. 🍫🍬 The experience concludes with a mellow, well-balanced, and sweet finish that lingers in all the right ways. 🌈✨ Make this holiday season special with The Busker Triple Cask Triple Smooth!

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