I've been working on a guide book to Irish Whiskey for the 3 years, however, there has been so many changes and developments within this industry, that as I'm doing my last corrections I’m conscious of the many additional aspects of the Industry that won’t show up in the Guide.

Aspects there isn’t room for, like discoveries of the newest distilleries or additional tips; like great recipes or great pub recommendations and many other things that could not be squeezed into the book. Therefore, this is what the Blog is for; the newest whiskeys & the best tips along with an interesting grab bag of information about the whiskey industry.

My whole life long I've been fascinated by traditional crafts, which was given focus in Ireland, through my interest in whiskey distillation. I love the fact that although the modern world seems to be getting faster and faster and technical development turns our lives upside down regularly, whiskey distilling is an exception to this modern whirlwind.

For the last 400 years, the process remains the same, namely, you still must wait a minimum of three years and one day for maturity, and triple distilling along with the quality of the water all play vital roles.

This blog has been a labor of love and a feast for the senses. I hope that my travels through Ireland and the encounters with people and flavors that make Irish whiskey unique will inspire readers to set out on their journey, to search for new distilleries and new whiskeys as Irish whiskey begins to enjoy its rightful place again on the world whiskey stage.

The blog will take the reader to the local roots of the 'whiskey renaissance'. With colorful details and genuine humour, this blog tells the forgotten and turbulent history of Irish whiskey, which is the basis and inspiration behind new distilleries emerging across the island of Ireland.

The ingrained belief that "all good things take time" resonates strongly in the hearts of those involved in the Irish whiskey trade. Readers will learn about Irish whiskey production and what makes Irish whiskey unique and different from other whiskeys like Jack Daniels whiskey.

The blog offers interesting navigation through Ireland's history and geography, for visitors with whiskey as a compass. Taking the reader "off the beaten path," this blog is a guide to many beautiful places across the country that are steeped in history with one story still being told.

What can you expect on this blog?
You will get access to my great knowledge of Irish whiskey, Irish whiskey distillery process, history of Irish whiskey, and Irish culture. You will find thousands of whiskey articles illustrated with lots of images.

This Irish whiskey blog includes a video blog and a large database with hundreds of distilleries and thousands of bottles. This blog is guided by me, so your questions will be answered.

The blog will be updated several times a week. Also, you can compare your notes with my notes. Feel free to share these notes with your friends

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