Discover a unique addition to your advent calendar – the Skellig Atlantic Whiskey from Skellig Six18 Distillery in Kerry! 🥃 Nestled on the Atlantic Coastline, our distillery embodies the spirit of this remote, breathtaking locale. Here, amidst the abundant rain that cascades from the ocean, we're blessed with the purest water supply. Our casks absorb the essence of this coastal air, lending our whiskey its unique Atlantic-aged flavour.

Guided by the same stars that showed our ancestors, we craft liquids that testify to Ireland's first-ever "Hope Spot," a place vital to the ocean's health. Explore our Six18 Step Collection, which introduces our inaugural release: the Triple Cask Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey. This remarkable release is the first-ever Single Pot Still Irish whiskey with a peated taste profile. It reflects our coastal landscape, surrounded by the essence of Atlantic Peatlands intertwined with the maritime history of the Skellig Coast. Dive into a taste that's both unique and steeped in our heritage. 


 Advent calendar find of the day! I just got my hands on the Bottle of Clonakilty Port Cask from Clonakilty Atlantic Distillery in Co. Cork. This Port Cask Finish is a fusion of a 10-year-old triple distilled malt and an 8-year-old grain. Meticulously cut and refined in port casks sourced from the Douro Valley, it's a process that infuses sweetness with a kick of spice, resulting in a stunning, rich hue. As the inaugural release of the Cask Series, this one's finished in a Port Barrel, making it a true standout. 🥃✨ 





Unveiling today's advent calendar gem from my trip to Galway and Ahascragh Distillery: the impressive Botle of Clan Colla. A blend that beautifully balances smoothness with complexity, combining malt and grain whiskeys. Sourced malt, double distilled and expertly blended with grain, undergoes a triple cask process in ex-Bourbon Barrels, Oloroso Sherry Butts, and Peated Casks, maturing gracefully for 11 years.

This 11-year-old Blend proudly wears its accolades, winning gold at the Irish Whiskey Masters and the Tokyo Whisky and Spirits Competition. 🥇✨ 






I am introducing a sweet delight for everyone with a sweet tooth in your Advent calendar lineup! 🎁 Today's special pick hails from Drogheda, Co. Meath, courtesy of the Boann Distillery – The Whistler Irish Honey Whiskey. 🥃 This exquisite creation is a natural collaboration between the skilled Cooney family beekeepers and their deep love for Irish whiskey.

Crafted with precision, this whiskey uses some of the finest ex-bourbon matured and sherry-finished Irish Whiskey, delicately infused with honey harvested from the Cooney family orchards. 🍯✨ Indulge in the perfect blend of sweetness and smoothness this holiday season! 


 Unveil a standout choice for your Advent calendar gift! 🎁 Today's pick is from the heart of Dublin – Lambay Whiskey. 🥃 This extraordinary blend marries French family-owned cognac expertise with centuries of Irish distilling knowledge.

A craft Irish whiskey like no other, Lambay sources only the finest Irish distillates. Meticulously distilled, matured in bourbon barrels, and consistently finished in cognac casks, the unique taste of Lambay Whiskey is a testament to the art of blending and maturation. 🌟

Elevate your whiskey experience with the expertise of French oak and hand-selected Cognac casks carried across the sea from the renowned cellars of Camus, France. 


Unveil a remarkable choice for your Advent calendar gift! 🎁 Today, we're highlighting Dublin's historic moment – the first Whiskey distilled in nearly 50 years. Teeling Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey takes the spotlight. 🥃 Crafted using a uniquely Irish mash bill comprising 50% malted and 50% unmalted barley, this exceptional spirit undergoes triple distillation and matures in a blend of American Virgin Oak, Bourbon, and Sherry casks. 

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