These days artisan is the buzz word for new and developing food and drinks industries. But in the case of Artisan Whiskey, they are re-creating the unique flavours of the Whiskey bonder – when back in the day, up to the 19th century nearly every small town/village had its own whiskey bonder – a pub or shop which warehoused raw whiskey as it matured. As each bonder imbued it’s whiskey with its own local flavour, maturing the raw spirit in differing wooden casks – some old sherry casks, some even tea barrels – each whiskey became a distillation, the essence of that locale. Thankfully we can celebrate again the flavour of small town Ireland in many of the new bonders and whiskeys being matured there.

Ireland is once again a haven for whiskey lovers from around the world. Back in 1800, there were 400 different types of Whiskey available in Ireland - and at this time, Ireland produced 60% of all whiskey worldwide. Although it was a glorious time for Irish Whiskey, it was not to last and due to many different factors, the production of whiskey almost ceased. Today, distilleries are fighting back in an effort to recreate that golden era.

Irish Whiskey Corner

Glenmalure Lodge truly is a hidden gem – only those in the know, those walk the wilds of Wicklow’s longest glacial valley get to enjoy the cosy traditional friendly atmosphere in this Pub. The whole area is one of outstanding beauty and historical interest which is reflected in every Knick Knack and picture on the walls of Glenmalure lodge so if you’ve walked the valley or are just stopping off on a drive the Glenmalure lodge is a jewel hidden in the beautiful crown of the Wicklow Mountains.

Address: Wicklow Way, Carriglinneen, Glenmalure, Co. Wicklow, Phone: (0404) 46188

Glenmalure Lodge Glenmalure Valley

St. Patrick's Whiskey CocktailThe day is meant to commemorate St. Patrick's Day (Irish Lá Fhéile Pádraig) by the Irish bishop Patrick, who lived around the 5th century and was the first Christian missionary in Ireland. Some historians believe that Patrick is worshipped in the Catholic Church as a saint and is therefore considered a patron saint.

Today, the festival is celebrated worldwide with lots of joy to the partakers with costumes, the colour green and anything else “Irish”. The folk festival can be found in all parts of Ireland whilst showcasing the diversity and vibrancy of the island.

With green being the predominant colour, almost anything in any shade of green is appropriate, but most likely the famous shamrock or leprechaun will make an appearance. Don’t be surprised if a pint of your favourite beer or even whiskey is coloured green; for this holiday, the colour knows no limits!

Redcross in Co. Wicklow is a place that is home to two quint pubs, camping spots, and an art gallery. One of these pubs is called the Mickey Finn Brewery, pub and restaurant. .. Twelve years ago this pub/brewery was merely just a stopping point for visitors of the camping grounds, but the business grew and here we are today. The owners saw the potential to expand Mickey Finn’s so they added on a new room to the existing structure for a small restaurant. .. Their efforts soon paid off and the demand for their food and hospitality was growing, so once again the family got to building on to the pub. Throughout these twelve years of building and expansion, the rooms began to take on a character of their own. It was only four years ago that the owners decided to open a craft brewery that also caters to traditional Irish cooking with international specialities. Having been here a couple of times I have gotten to know the innkeeper Leigh Williams and I have learned that the “snug” will be turned into an Irish whisky room and all I can say with much excitement is a big toast to that! 
Mickey Finn's Pub, Main Street, Ballygillaroe, Redcross, Co. Wicklow,,


Hot Toddy

Not matter what ails ya, a hot toddy will make you feel better! And if you drink enough of them, you won’t care what ails ya! A hot toddy in Ireland is the medicine du jour for a rainy day or the flu season. It’s a combination of whiskey, hot water, lemon juice & cloves plus or minus honey or sugar depending taste or the soreness of the throat. Victoria Moore in her book ‘how to drink’ describes it as ‘the vitamin C for health, the honey to soothe and alcohol to numb! The word Whiskey originally comes from the “irish uisce beatha” meaning the water of life, indicating it’s life giving powers to restore a body to near resembling human which if you’ve ever had a bad cold, you feel like you’re dying but thanks to a Hot toddy you might not care!

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