Dingle Bar which is located in the heart of Dublin and also belonging to the Porterhouse is a haven for all sorts of Kerry treasures, most of the whiskey sort. All the furniture from the countertops to the stools and tables are all cleverly made out of recycled barrels. Just from its atmosphere and style, the pub is a decent find. On the shelves, you can find just about every whiskey produced on the island. If you want any advice or help picking a drink the staff are friendly and well able to assist you. It’s a good place to enjoy a break and have a chat.
The Dingle Whiskey Bar, 44 Nassau St, Dublin 2, +353 1 677 4180, www.theporterhouse.ie/bars-dingle-whiskey.php


Gorse in Bloom - Kissing Time

In Ireland, when the gorse is in bloom it‘s kissing time – and it’s always in bloom somewhere! There’s always time to savor kisses & whiskey. As Hemingway said: ‘Never delay kissing a pretty girl or opening a bottle of Whiskey’ - Slainte! 

The children’s book written by the Scottish author David McNiven features a tale about a grandmother who finds a leprechaun. Mick the leprechaun has promised the grandmother to grant all her wishes but as the tale unfolds some quirky and funny mishaps arise. Some words and phrases may have to be explained (learning new vocabulary, yeah!) There are some references, to Guinness and whiskey, should that be an issue for anyone. If you can’t get enough of this funny tale you can take a chance to enjoy the Scottish version 'Granny and the Wild Haggis'
www.dubraybooks.ie; www.amazon.co.uk


The nine-hundred-year-old pub of Sean's pub in Athlone is not so hidden as some of the others I have mentioned but is definitely one the oldest ones I have visited.  Athlone is located pretty centrally in Ireland and the pub itself right in the middle of the town near the river Shannon and Athlone Castle.

In 2004, the Guinness World Records recognized the pub. As it’s such a central part of the town, the older remnants of Athlone from the medieval period such as the old city walls can be seen. The owner of this pub when forming his own whiskey brand decided to honour the first owner of the pub by naming his whiskey after him called “Luain”. The whiskey is a blend of grain and malt and is developed using Bourbon casks. The whiskey itself has a caramel scent and has a soft and mild taste.

This “Luain” whiskey is a drop of history all in one where the 900 years of culture from O’shea’s can be tasted in tried in the town of Athlone. And with that, I think this whiskey deserves cheers!

Sean's Bar, 13 Main St, Athlone, Co. Westmeath, www.seansbar.ie


The Military Road is a stretch of highway (in the old fashioned sense of the word!) that runs through the Island from north to south through the Wicklow Mountains - who are we to say where the back or front of the mountains are. It was built between 12 August 1800 and October 1809, and if you choose to travel this way, you’ll begin to see why so many of the participants of the 1798 rebellion were able to hide away from the British. The ringleader Michael Dwyer (1799–1803) had good connections throughout the surrounding communities and was, therefore, able to hid well during these conflict years. Due to the inability of the military to capture him, the British ordered more soldiers to be brought in and built a road to keep the movement of all the personnel tidy. Till today this stretch of road offers undisturbed views of the wild landscapes.
GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 53.114088; Longitude: -6.322971

Highbank Organic Farm in Co. Kilkenny has been owned by the same family since the 17th century. In the last few years, they have changed to bio or organic farming. In the shop, you can find apple juice, apple vinegar, and organic apple spirits from the distillery like vodka, gin, liquors and brandy. My favorite is the brandy, but have a try for yourself! If you are in the area definitely go have a look at this place.
HIGHBANK ORGANIC FARM, CUFFESGRANGE, KILKENNY, R95N1KC, +353(56) 772 9918, www.highbankorchards.com

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