Discover a unique addition to your advent calendar – the Skellig Atlantic Whiskey from Skellig Six18 Distillery in Kerry! 🥃 Nestled on the Atlantic Coastline, our distillery embodies the spirit of this remote, breathtaking locale. Here, amidst the abundant rain that cascades from the ocean, we're blessed with the purest water supply. Our casks absorb the essence of this coastal air, lending our whiskey its unique Atlantic-aged flavour.

Guided by the same stars that showed our ancestors, we craft liquids that testify to Ireland's first-ever "Hope Spot," a place vital to the ocean's health. Explore our Six18 Step Collection, which introduces our inaugural release: the Triple Cask Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey. This remarkable release is the first-ever Single Pot Still Irish whiskey with a peated taste profile. It reflects our coastal landscape, surrounded by the essence of Atlantic Peatlands intertwined with the maritime history of the Skellig Coast. Dive into a taste that's both unique and steeped in our heritage. 


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