Although the distillery is young, the Teeling family have a long tradition of distilling whiskey. They opened the Teeling Distillery in the Liberties, Dublin and it was the first working distillery to appear in the city after the whiskey industry crashed in the early nineteenth century. The crash was due to a number of factors such as the two world wars and prohibition in the US.

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Ireland again is a haven for whiskey lovers from around the world. In 1800, Irish whiskey was very popular with over 400 different brands. At this time, Ireland produced more than 60% of all whiskey worldwide and all this when there was no such thing as the internet or Amazon. This is truly admirable. Although it was a glorious time for an Irish whiskey, sadly, it was not to last and due to various factors, the production of whiskey almost ceased. Today, Ireland's distilleries are fighting back in an effort to recreate that golden era and we are lucky to have the opportunity to enjoy such a great variety of the golden liquid again. 

Who here has seen Moby Dick the film? Did you know that the movie was filmed in Ireland? In 1954 the director John Huston chose the town of Youghal in Co. Cork as the filming location. As a result, there is now a pub there classically called „Mobi Dick“. The actors such as Gregory Peck, Richard Basehart and Leo Genn were fans of the local pub and enjoyed a few pints in the hideaway town. In the months when the film was directed many of the plans and happenings were hatched out at the Paddy Linehan's Pub (now known as Mobi Dick). The pub has been owned by the Linehan family for the better part of 200 years. If you go to the pub you will find that is haven’t changed much from its movie days. If you’re a movie lover and want to take in some scenes of the past then this place is a must visit.

IRISH WHISKEY & FARMHOUSE CHEESE in Irish Whiskey Experience in Killarney

Duration: Approx 60 minutes

Monday - Sunday: 5.45pm

This tour includes:
Welcome whiskey sample
Sensory perception quiz
Tips on cheese & whiskey pairing
Compare and contrast four lovely Irish whiskeys with four farmhouse Irish slices of cheese.
Free crystal tasting glass

Large Groups:
Private sessions & large groups can be arranged upon request. Please Contact Irish Whiskey Experience.

How to make a good Irish Coffee: 4 cl (2 parts) Irish whiskey, 8 cl (4 parts) hot coffee, 3 cl (1½ parts) fresh cream, 1 tsp brown sugar.

Joe Sheridan, head chef in Foynes, Country Limerick, created Irish coffee when American passengers had to disembark from a Pan Am flight one miserable winter night in the 1940s.

To help warm up the passengers Sheridan added whiskey and cream to the coffee and the “Irish coffee” was born.

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