Discover a standout choice for your Advent calendar gift! 🎁 Presenting the Hyde 1860 Single Grain Burgundy Finish from Hyde Irish Whiskey in County Cork. 🥃 No.5 is a triple-distilled, Single-grain Irish whiskey meticulously crafted at a single distillery location using pure Corn/maize grain in a traditional “Coffey” Copper Column still.

Aged gracefully for a minimum of 6 years in flame-charred, first-fill, ex-bourbon casks sourced from Kentucky, USA, this exceptional whiskey undergoes a captivating ‘finishing’ touch for an additional six months in vintage BURGUNDY French red wine casks.

These Pinot Noir red wine casks hail from the prestigious BURGUNDY region in France, specifically from the Côte d’Or vineyards near Dijon. 🍷✨ Elevate your holiday season with the rich and nuanced flavours of Hyde 1860!



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