While the World Health Organization vehemently disagrees, Dr Juergen Rissland, a lead doctor at the Institute for Virology at Saarland University Hospital in Germany, went on the record to say: drinking whiskey can protect against COVID-19.

And that is definitely one report we can all get behind. 

While appearing on "The Morning Show," Dr Rissland was asked about whether or not drinking alcohol could kill any viruses a person may have ingested. "Yes, of course, that's true," Dr Rissland responded. "And the higher the percentage of alcohol, the better it is. For example, if you are a whisky lover, then that certainly isn't a bad idea," he continued, while offering this bit of sage advice to pace yourself: "But of course you need to bear in mind that you can't do that every 15 minutes, that is something else to consider."

After being prodded a little further by the show's cohosts who asked him if he was really suggesting folks drink high-proof alcohol, Dr Rissland didn't back down or attempt to clarify his remarks. Instead, he added, "I would say it can't do any harm although we need to remember that it's not a guaranteed cure for the problem."

So there you have it at least from the Germans: Prost!



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