We celebrate the International Irish Whiskey Day on March 3rd. I imagen you ask why 3rd of March? The number 3 is very important for Irish whiskey. The first 3 have to do with distilling. In Ireland, the typical distilling the whiskey 3 times. This makes the whiskey more smooth and mellow. The Irish say they do this to be sure, to be sure and to be sure. The second 3 have to do with maturation. The Irish whiskey needs to be producing, maturate in Ireland, for minimum 3 years and 1 day to be cold Irish whiskey. The third 3 is linked to the three styles of Irish Whiskey, Single Grain, Single Malt and Single Pot Still.

The HashTag #IrishWhiskeyDay on the tasting on Social Media, you a global Irish Whiskey Tasting events. Normally they go from the 3rd March until St Patrick’s day on 17 March. Also, no matter where you are based, I’m very sure you have a similar tasting event close by.

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